One of the top strengths of Precision Trading Corp is its ability to offer an excellent service to OEM customers. Through 21 years of experience, Precision Trading Corp has solidified a strong relationship with OEM customers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Today, Precision Trading Corp commercializes over 15 different brand names for its OEM customers and continues adding OEM brands across business categories.


Precision Trading Corp assists its OEM customers in choosing product categories and lines that are strategically adapted for them, while accounting for regional requirements and particular product specifications. Besides product development, Precision Trading Corp is also able to assist with artworks design for product gift boxes and other printed materials that are not only necessary, but a key component of successful marketing.


Thanks to consistent purchasing programs, strict permanent quality control and logistics management, all the way from conceptualization until delivery of the cargo, Precision Trading Corp is a one-stop optimal and trustworthy supplier in the OEM business.